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With the rapid and widely application of IC technology, RFID brings to our life and work significant and far-reaching changes. OMNI-TECH is a professional electronic company, combining with manufacturing, researching and marketing of RFID series products, ranging from cards, tags, OEM module and readers.

Our RFID products are widely applied in access control, work attendance, animal identification, logistic, industrial automation, target tracking, laundry management, and other kind of related system. We are researching and developing constantly to design products of new features and functions to meet our customers’ specific needs

OMNI-TECH has been always striving for best products and best service for our customers, in order to facilitate our clients’ second-round development and system integration, we offer free SDK, technical support and consultation.

We will try our best to give you Effective, Prompt, Accurate, Reliable, Positive response continuously!We promise achieving your sense of security and reliability during the cooperation!
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