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Main Features:
  • Embeded MFRC522 as RF base station
  • Compliant with the standard of ISO14443 TYPE-A/MIFARE
  • Completed operation command set: search card, read card, write card,initial value,increase value,decrease value,inquire value,etc and user needn't to care for the complex control, can implement all the operation for the IC cards.
  • Integrated with antenna
  • Dimension include antenna:43.5X35.5mm
  • Completed operation command set: C51 functional library
  • Communication Protocol: IIC/UART
  • Embeded with watchdog
  • Commpleted testing and developing board:worked with KF903,user can start the developing immediately base on the MCS51 MCU
  • Can customized the software according to the customer requirment base on the current modules
  • Application for the fields of transport, access door control, smart meters, login in or login out checker, industrial,etc

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