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• Support 125Khz EM4100 or compatible card format only
• Standalone 2 buttons Simple operation
• don’t need connect with computer for operation
• Built-in LED and buzzer indicator
• Built-in transceiver antenna
• Battery power : 3V ( 2 x AAA battery )
• No external power is needed
• Portable design / size : (115 x 70 x 30) mm
Operation Manual – duplicate a EM4100 Card ID
[1] insert 2 x AAA battery here
[2] power switch on (Power LED will flash per second)
(Low battery - if found fast “power LED” flash and “beep sound” keep
continuously, need change a new battery)
[3] Place a EM4100 or compatible card on the reader’s detection area .
[4] press “Read” button ,
If the card format is correct , “Read” LED will on and “beep”
(If the card is not supported , No response from the reader)
[5] take away the EM4100 card and place a (ID-RW-T1) RW Card on the reader’s detection area.
Press “Write” button about ~1-2 second  “Write LED” will keep on ,
If write success , “write LED” will flash and beep 4 times.
(If card type is incorrect, No response from the reader)

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