Reader Features:

Flat rectangular simple design style,
Touch sensitive and stable,
Passwords are backlit keyboard,
Unlike special plastic material makes the surface more bright and clean,
20 mm ultra-thin design,
Easy replaceable shell design,
Anti-interference ability reader, ID, or IC card.
User card encryption copy protection.
Stable performance, advanced anti-crash circuit design, anti-surge protection, anti-wrong connection protection.
Imported using pure digital radio base station chip, no error design.
Intelligent sound and light control mode,
Wiring that meets international standards,
Long transmission distance up to 100 m,
Low temperature, high temperature.

Technical parameters:

Applicable Card: Mifare one IC card or EM ID card
Reader distance (standard card): 3-6 cm (Mifare one IC card), 4-8 cm (EM ID card)
Password keyboard output: 12 keys, touch, often light (which key to press which is off, and the buzzer
Ambient temperature: -25 to 70 degrees Celsius (ID card Minimum temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius, the
To the use of high-grade acrylic material, it is not recommended for use in outdoor sun exposure environment)
Operating humidity: less than 95% non-condensing
Transmission distance: 100 meters (less than 80 meters is recommended)

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