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Constructed from polyurethane, this round RFID ear tag is specially designed for livestock tracking such as sheep,

cattle and pigs. Available in 125KHz, 134KHz or 13.56MHz frequency options, this RFID animal ear tag provides a

good way to improve the efficiency of the livestock management. And it can be made with various chips, such as Hitag-S,

EM4100, Mifare-One S50. Thus, with these smart ear tags attached

to every cattle, and by scanning each ear tags by RFID reader and transferring the data to the computers and networks,

the information of each livestock can be searched on the computer.
Available in LF or HF frequency, this RFID livestock ear tag is ideal for applications of tracking animals on large

area - sheep, pigs, cattle and the like. Since each animal ear tag has its unique ID number, livestock owners can

easily get animal’s information, such as feeding, location, vaccination, etc.
What’s more, the housing material of this animal tag is made of polyurethane which is used in healthcare and not

easy for bacteria to grow. Thus, this animal tag makes it play an important role in reducing the chances of livestock

infection during the system building period.


  1. Type: Contactless R/O or R/W
  2. Operating Frequency: LF(125KHz / 134.2KHz) or HF (13.56MHz)
  3. IC Available at 125KHz: EM4102, EM4100, EM4001, TK4100, GK4100
  4. IC Available at 134.2KHz: HITAG-S 256 Bit, HITAG-S 2048 Bit
  5. IC Available at 13.56MHz:
  6. I-CODE (ISO 15693-3), Mifare® Ultralight (ISO 14443A), Mifare®1K (ISO 14443A),
  7. Mifare®4K (ISO 14443A), Tag-it™ HF-I (ISO 15693-3), others upon request
  8. Size: chip:dia.32mm, thickness:6mm
  9. Reading Distance: Up to 5~20cm (Depends on reader and IC type)
  10. Material: TPU / PU Anti-allergic Material
  11. Operating Temperature: -40o C to +80o C
  12. Storage Temperature: -40o C to +100o C

Competitive Advantage
1. Waterproof IP 68
2. Anti-allergic Material
3. Read distance: Up to 5~20cm (Depends on reader and IC type)
4. Flexible & easy-to-wear
5. 100, 000 times reading & writing
6. Also Available: Custom colors, number printing

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