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Product Name: LF | HF anti-metal tag
Description: This label with high temperature engineering ABS plastic package, label chip / appearance size can be
customized according to customer demand, good quality performance, suitable for use in large open-air electric
power equipment inspection, inspection of large tower poles, large medium elevator inspection, large pressure
vessels, liquefaction cylinder gas bottles, factory equipment management, line inspections, quality control metal
bridges, tunnels inspections, machine identification, vehicle license, metal container management, product
tracking-electrical household equipment, etc. .

Chip: can be packaged TI Tag, MF1S50, MF1S70, I.CODE2, FM1108, TK4100
Standard: ISO14443A, ISO15693
Size: 30 * 4MM round
Recognition distance: 1-10CM devices from different manufacturers, different identification distance
Frequency: 13.56MHz or 125KHZ
Read: 100,000
Life: 5--10 years

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