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Frequency: customized 125KHz, 13.56MHz
Standard: customized ISO15693, ISO14443A / B, 125KHZ, etc.
Chip: TK4001, EM4100, TI, ST, Mifare1, Icode2, UtraLight, Fudan F08, etc.
Size: Epoxy 50 × 35 × 3mm \ 30 × diameter 3mm \ Other sizes can be customized requirements
Function: Paste on metal surface use, with seismic, anti-magnetic, moisture, corrosion, durability and

other functions.

Application: electrical equipment, asset maintenance, gas cylinders, elevator maintenance, auto parts,

high-pressure boilers, pressure vessels, pressure piping, lifting machinery, recreational facilities and other metal

items and special equipment management, each doing customizable shapes and sizes

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