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Product Description:

RFID metal tag, also known as anti-anti-metal tag, using a special crystal rubber / anti-metal

materials and electronic tag Epoxy encapsulated into a special label, the label of the chip / appearance size can

be customized according to customer needs, quality performance Well, suitable for use in large-scale outdoor

power equipment inspection, a large tower poles inspection, elevator inspection and medium-sized, large

pressure vessels, liquefaction cylinder gas bottles, factory equipment management, line inspections, quality

control metal bridges, tunnels inspections, machine identification, vehicle license, a metal container management,

a variety of electrical household appliances and other aspects of product tracking.

Chip: can be packaged TI Tag, Philips MF1, I.CODE2, FM1108
Frequency: 13.56MHz
Memory: multiple storage options
Read: 100,000
Life: 5--10 years

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