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OMT Windshield Tag 01

Ceramic electronic tag is based on electronic tags encapsulated ceramic material with high electrical properties

and high temperature performance, fragile anti-metastasis; on the ceramic substrate production of electronic

tag antenna, its dielectric loss, high frequency especially good type, antenna stable performance, high sensitivity

and a lot of little; widely used in vehicle management, high temperature applications or drastic temperature

changes occasion.

Operating frequency: 915MHz (other frequencies can be tailor-made)

Label Size / Trial distance (read write and related equipment): 86 * 54 * 0.65mm of ≥8 meters

(mainly used in vehicle management front windshield), miniature 29 * 29 * 5.1mm is 2 m, 22 * 22 * 5.1mm

is about 0.8 meters (asset management can be used for metal surface)

Packaged chip: U-code HSL / G2 (also given other 915M chip)

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