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OMT-CT01-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT-CT01(Access control reader )

Support EM-ID/Mifare or Password Mode.
Build-in access control card reader and kepad Manage.
Operating Mode: Proximity Card or Password,Card + Password.
With Register Card and Delete Card.
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OMT-CT02-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT-CT02(Access control reader )

Time attendance, Code Keypad, Card Reader, and Double Door Access Control
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OMT-CT03-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT-CT03(Time attendance reader )

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OMT-CT04-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT-CT04(Acess control reader with touch screen)

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OMT-CT05-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT-CT05(Fingerprint time attencdence reader)

fingerprint algorithm version: BioTH2.0
Work: Offline
Working voltage: DC 12VDC + 10%; Current 1.2A
lauthentication: fingerprint, proximity card, password
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OMT-CT06-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT-CT06(Time attendance reader with color LCD)

  Hardware Design Platform: ARM926EJ-S
  Fingerprint algorithm version: PTFINGER6.0
  Display: 2.8 inches TFT high-definition digital screen
  Work: Offline

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