13.56MHz HF RFID reader

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OMT-700M(HF reader for mobile)-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT-700M(HF reader for mobile)

Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz
Reading Range:50mm(depended on tags and environment)
System Available: Apple, Android, Windows, Linux
Interface: USB
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OMT601-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT601(Handheld 125Khz EM4100 ID card writer)

  • duplicate the card ID from the EM4100 or compatible card format
  • Support 125Khz EM4100 or compatible card format
  • Standalone 2 buttons Simple operation
  • don’t need connect with computer for operation
  • Built-in LED and buzzer indicator

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OMT602-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT602(125KHz RFID Reader Keyboard emulation interface)

Support USB 1.1 or USB2.0

Read card unique serial No only

USB Keyboard emulation interface (read card ID as keyboard input)

Reading distance : ISO card (~5-8cm) / Key fob (~2-4cm)

Support EM4100 or compatible 125Khz read only tags

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OMT603-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT603(125KHz Read only reader RS232)

RS232 interface;  

Support EM4100 or compatible 125Khz read only tags 

Built-in bi-color LED and buzzer 

Less than 100ms decoding time;  

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OMT604-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT604(125KHz wiegand26/34 read only reader)

  • Access control reader
  • Wiegand26/34 interface
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in buzzer and antenna

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OMT605-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT605(125KHz Read only reader RS485)

Access control reader

Wall-mounted RS485 interface

Read-only type


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OMT606-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT606(125KHz HID reader)

 Working modes: default Wiegand 26 / Wiegand 34 

Card Sped: <0.2 seconds 

Punch Interval: <0.5 seconds

 Induction distance: 0-15CM *

Card Type: ID card EM card 

Reader Fequency: 125KH

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OMT607-Omni-tech Electronic

OMT607(125KHz long distance reader)

Operating frequency: AM 134.2KHZ

Dimensions: 264 * 264 * 35mm

Reading distance:50-60cm

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